Living room

Idomotics closes automatically curtains and shutters when the time of enjoying a movie comes and you can turn on the TV and Home Theatre by just using your mobile.


Simplicity – Easy to install – Easy to use

idomotics is simple to use since it listens to you and understands your language. No specific commands or keys combinations are needed. Just talk to Idomotics as if it were your assistant.

Besides the shorcuts on the screen, you can use simple voice commands and Idomotics will understand. For example, Can you turn on the lights?, There's not enough light, It's cold, Can you turn on the air-conditioner please?

Idomotics is meant to serve you

Idomotics is not just a simple electronic light switch or a remote control. It's an intelligent and complete system that will manage remotely your home or office and that will always be available in your Smartphone or Tablet pc to immediately respond to all your requests.



Carbon monoxide, smoke and gas alarms will make your home a safer place.


Alert system

Idomotics alert system will keep you informed of what is happening in your home, office or shop allowing you to enjoy peace of mind.

Carbon monoxide is produced when some fuels like gas, petrol or wood are burnt. It can cause serious accidents due to its toxicity and its colourless, odourless and tasteless nature.

If there is a gas leak or the heating system is producing carbon monoxide, Idomotics will cut off the gas supply and will alert you through the alert system.

Idomotics will protect you and your family

By making use of the navigation system you will be able to send messages to your kids' mobile phones finding out their location so as to avoid unnecessary worries. You can also use it to track your employees’ location at any time.

You can receive notifications on your mobile when the alarm goes off, strangers are detected around your home or when your kids come back home. (*) Soon to be added to IDOMOTICS catalogue.



idomotics opens and closes garage gates and manages all kinds of irrigation and lighting systems


Enjoy all the comfort that technology can bring to your life

Idomotics will learn from your choices, it will remember the temperature and lighting levels you prefer. Unlike the old domotics systems, no special programs or sequence of events are needed. Once you start using Idomotics it will simply assimilate your preferences and will bring you more comfort by making your life easier.

Idomotics will make your life simpler.

Idomotics can control blinds, irrigation systems, lights, household appliances and all kinds of devices, like gas valves, heaters or air-conditioners. By doing so, Idomotics can turn on the heating before you get home or automatically set up the lighting level of your living room when it's time to watch a movie.



Idomotics turns on the heating before you get home or it automatically turns off the lights in empty rooms.

Energy saving

Taking care of the environment is everyone's commitment

Idomotics was designed to provide comfort, safety and multiple solutions to make your life easier. However, it also gives you the opportunity to manage your home energy efficiently. Idomotics will not only reduce the energy consumption but it will also help you take care of the environment.

Idomotics contributes to preserving the environment.

Idomotics automatically turns off lights, television sets and any other device present in rooms that are empty. It can control the opening and closures of shutters, not only letting natural light to enter the room -avoiding the unnecessary use of electric lights- but also providing natural heat in cold seasons. The automatic temperature management keeps an adequate and pleasant temperature in all the different rooms avoiding the waste of energy that takes place when the this phenomenon varies abruptly.


Life Quality

Idomotics improves the quality of life for people with disabilities or with impaired mobility by catering for their autonomy needs.

Life Quality

We bring technology to dependent people

Idomotics offers life quality to disabled or impaired mobility people by satisfying their autonomy needs.

Idomotics presents the possibility of managing devices from a distance or by the use of voice, making technology accessible to dependent people.

Idomotics improves life quality

Most traditional remote controls present some difficulties for people with severe disabilities especially those remotes which require programing or the use of specific commands. The basic task of opening the shutters or turning on the light may imply dependency.

Idomotics will efficiently help those people suffering from Alzheimer or any other neurodegenerative disease, thus providing an excellent support to their families.