Lights Controller


IDOMOTICS Lights Controller allows you to control floor lamps, table lamps and other kinds of lighting devices.

  • What can tou control?

    With this Lights Controller you can connect it two light switches and lighting devices up to 300 watts per channel.

  • How does it work?

    The Idomotics Light Controller allows you to control up to two light switches keeping the possibility of still using them manually.

    Furthermore, you can use light and temperature sensors to automatically set the lighting, cold or heat conditions according to your preferences.

  • Continue enlarging your home control

    IDOMOTICS is completely scalable. Start with the basic kit and keep on enlarging the system to manage everything you need.

  • Compatible Platforms

    IDOMOTICS runs on Android on the server and on Android Smartpphones, Tablets Pcs and Apple products- IPHONE and IPAD.

  • This Light Controller can be used for two channels up to 300 watts.
  • Each of these controller's channels can manage doorbells, electrically operated doors, air conditioners, heating boilers, thermostat valves, etc. (Please contact us for further details).
  • The lights and temperature sensors allow you to automatically set up air conditioners and heating systems to the desired temperature as well as to turn on and off lights and to change light intensity of each room according to your preferences.
  • It works on 110v or 220v electric installations..-
  • It requires a Tablet Pc or Smartphone to function as a server unit.
  • Each controller is installed using the neutral that is available in the light box.
  • The controller is 2.01 inches wide, 2.64 inches long and 0.79 inches tall. Therefore, the light box + the light switch should leave at least a 0.83 inches depth free space in order for the controller to fit in.
  • To prevent possible interference, the controller should not be more than 1.97 inches away from light switches.
  • The IDOMOTICS domo unit requires that a router with an Ethernet port delivers a LAN IP address. It should not be connected to a CABLEMODEM port since it is a WAN port and it will cause malfunctioning.