RGB Controller


The RGB Controller will bring new life to your home by allowing different light colours for each room making them unique.

  • What can you control?

    With the RGB Controller you can manage LED strip lights and RGB lamps.

  • How does it work?

    The controller is connected to the 12 volts source, then the RGB lamp or RGB LED strip lights is connected to its corresponding Red, Green or Blue output.

  • Keep enlarging your home control

    You can install as many RGB controllers as you want.

  • Compatible Platforms

    IDOMOTICS runs on Android on the server and on Android Smartphones, Tablet Pcs and Apple products – IPHONE and IPAD.

  • This controller use 220AC-12 DC Adaptor which is not included.
  • It requires an IDOMOTICS central unit for connection.
  • This controller also requires a 12 volts source and a RGB LED strip.