This domotics Kit is designed to start managing your home or office from your smartphone. This is the ideal kit for beginners in the domotic world.

  • What can you control?

    The Starter Kit allows you to control electrical devices such as lights, air conditioners, heaters, electric locks, irrigation systems, etc. It also has sensors to set your Light and Temperature preferences for each room.

  • How does it work?

    idomotics is simple to install and does not require any modification to your walls. Install the controllers behind the light switches and connect our central to the router in your house. An Android tablet or smartphone will be the server of your domotic system.

  • Have the control of your home in the palm of your hand

    idomotics is totally scalable. Install the Starter Kit and continue adding controllers gradually.

  • Compatible Platforms

    idomotics runs on Android for the Server and on Android Smartphones, Tablet Pcs and Apple products – IPHONE and IPAD for the Client.

  • This Kit includes: 2 Light Controllers, 1 RGB controller and 2 Light & Temperature sensors. Each Light Controller allows you to control up to two lights or electrical circuits.
  • Light controllers can be used to control: doorbells, electric doors, air conditioners, heaters, irrigation systems, lights, lamps, etc. ( Contact us for further details)
  • The Light and Temperature sensor allows you to set your light and temperature preferences, turning on/off automatically air conditioners and heaters to reach your desired temperature, as well as lights according to the light intensity of each room.
  • It works on 110-220 AC volts electrical installations.
  • The system requires the permanent functioning of a Tablet or Smartphone to remain indoors, to act as the Server of the domotic system.
  • We care about your security. The Network cannot be seen from all devices, only you choose who have access to it.
  • The idomotics Software does not share your information to the Cloud, to protect your privacy and the information of your home.
  • The Software is free as it is a constitutive component of the kit.
  • A Tablet PC or Smartphone is required as they will function as the server unit.
  • Each controller is installed using the neutral that is available in the light box.
  • The controller is 2.01 inches wide, 2.64 inches long and 0.79 inches tall. Therefore, the light box + the light switch should leave at least a 0.83 inches depth free space in order for the controller to fit in.
  • To prevent possible interference, the controller should not be more than 1.97 inches away from the light switches.
  • The IDOMOTICS domo unit requires that a router with an Ethernet port delivers a LAN IP address. It should not be connected to a CABLEMODEM port since it is a WAN port and it will cause malfunctioning.