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We arrive to Compumundo!

idomotics, a “smart home” Hardware and Software technology developer, has this week announced its expansion plan selecting a new retailer in South America. In this opportunity, the biggest electronics retailer in Argentina, Compumundo, part of the Garbarino group of companies and exclusive distributor for Apple and Samsung in Argentina, will begin stocking its products.

Compumundo is one of the biggest players in the Argentinian technology retail industry, and has over 16 years’ experience in the business, operates 40 stores across Argentina, and employs more than 400 people.

idomotics is headquartered in Reading, UK, and has its research & development department in Santa Fe, Argentina.

Idomotics' products are likely a great fit for Compumundo, which specialises in selling quality technology goods. And the increased exposure that will come from their being purchasable in a mainstream store may mark a significant milestone for the UK-based startup.

Initially, visitors to Compumundo stores will be able to purchase the idomotics Starter Kit. This consists of three light controllers (enabling remote control of up to six lights); one blind controller (which can be used for gates also); as well as light and temperature sensors (which allow lighting and heating devices to be programmed to turn on and off automatically as the conditions surrounding them change). Additional features as RGB light controller, can be added to your Starter kit as well.

Because idomotics is now being sold in Argentinian stores, the company has licensed La Punta Soft SRL to manufacture the products in Argentina.

idomotics are now looking to build on this success and continue to strengthen their presence in South America. At the same time, in Europe and America, they’re currently seeking and selecting appropriate distributors.

Commenting on these developments, Gabriel J O Giani Moreno, Founder and CEO of idomotics, said, “This is an incredibly exciting time for us. Smart home technology is now more popular than ever, and demand for it looks set to increase in the near future. We believe that we’re at the very forefront of the smart home technology industry, and this is backed up by the fact that big retailers like Compumundo are starting to incorporate these new products of the era of the Internet of Things.

“Moving forward, it would be great to see more retailers discover just what a promising industry smart home technology really is. We think that they will. And when they’re ready, we’ll be there to show them what our products can do!”

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