How does it work?

We will show you how idomotics operates


Frequently Asked Questions

Como funciona?
idomotics only requires a router connected to the internet and an internet provider that will provide a public IP address. If you have a TABLET with a 3G chip to work as a SERVER, you can use it to control your home.
Install the controllers behind the light switches and connect our central to the router in your house. An Android tablet or smartphone will be the server of your domotic system.

idomotics is simple to install and does not require any modification to your walls.

idomotics Central configuration is similar to the configuration of a standard router, you have to assign an IP address and then configure the software on the phone. After doing this, you will have to add each area of your house and each device that you want to control.

Following our instructions everybody can install the modules and configure the idomotics Central.

idomotics uses a software which has been developed by our engineers. It has different security levels to access each device. This allows you to be connected all the time, to use the human interface of our software and to make home automation a safe experience. If you want a Smartphone to get access to your home you have to install idomotics on it and you must provide access permissions.
Our software has a system that by using an assigned password you can have access to doors, gates and especial devices. Additionally, access to devices can be alowed to different family members. For example, we should not grant access to the garage door to a young adult less than 18 years.
This product was thought of and designed to make you live an unique experience, you shouldn´t worry about learning usernames or passwords, or accessing to web pages to control your home. Just talk to iDomotics as if you are talking to your housekeeper, your assistant or your friends and our software will understand exactly what you want to do.