Our company is a venture capital company which was founded with the goal of creating a software connected to the real world.

This is the reason why our team of engineers has been working in the last years in the development of a speech engine that allows you to interact with iDomotics and other products such as: Intelligent, which are based on natural language.

Our company has two main areas: software development and hardware design. Our software development is based on proprietary hardware, in this way we are able to connect our ideas and concepts to the real world. By doing this, we develop high quality miniaturized electronics which covers the industrial sector and by implenting Idomotics it will cover the home space.

We strongly believe the era of Robotics and Automation should start reaching everyday life.

So we invite you to explore this new way of life, where making your life easier is our priority. After using our products the concept of comfort will be completely changed forever.